Zihao Yue (岳子豪)

PhD Student

AIM3 Lab
School of Information
Renmin University of China

Email: yzihao [at] ruc [dot] edu [dot] cn


Zihao Yue is currently a PhD student at Renmin University of China (RUC), advised by Prof. Qin Jin. He received his B.E. degree in Computer Science from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2022. His research interests include language modeling and video understanding, with a focus on vision-and-language.



Movie101v2: Improved Movie Narration Benchmark
Zihao Yue, Yepeng Zhang, Ziheng Wang, Qin Jin
[Paper] [Website] [Code]

Less is More: Mitigating Multimodal Hallucination from an EOS Decision Perspective
Zihao Yue, Liang Zhang, Qin Jin
ACL 2024
[Paper] [Code]


Learning Descriptive Image Captioning via Semipermeable Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Zihao Yue, Anwen Hu, Liang Zhang, Qin Jin
NeurIPS 2023
[Paper] [Code] [Demo]

Movie101: A new movie understanding benchmark
Zihao Yue, Qi Zhang, Anwen Hu, Liang Zhang, Ziheng Wang, Qin Jin
ACL 2023
[Paper] [Website] [Code]


RUCAIM3-Tencent at TRECVID 2022: Video to Text Description
Zihao Yue, Yuqi Liu, Liang Zhang, Linli Yao, Qin Jin
Technical report, NIST TRECVID
[Paper] [Code]